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Top 5 Best Tacos in Tijuana for Foodies

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

If you're a foodie like me, then you love tacos. I feel lucky to live in San Diego where Mexican food is everywhere. Growing up, I alternated between eating Chinese food at my parents' restaurant (recently sold) and tacos at hole-in-the-wall eateries around town. I knew that tacos in San Diego were good, but it wasn't until I began making regular trips to Tijuana that I found tacos to be amazing. Here's a list of the top 5 best tacos to eat in Tijuana.

1. Grilled marlin taco.

Grilled marlin taco.

There are fish tacos and then there are grilled marlin tacos. Make sure you find a place that grills them on the spot. It makes a huge difference. This particular one comes drizzled in a guacamole and chipotle cream. The slight char and rainbow of colors makes each bite all the more enjoyable.

2. Carne asada taco with handmade tortilla.

Carne asada taco with handmade tortilla

Two words: handmade tortilla. Part of the fun of enjoying street food is that everything is prepared right in front of you. If you're a visual person like I am, you'll definitely get a kick watching a lady grind out corn tortillas using nothing but her hands and a tortilla press.

3. Al pastor (marinated pork) taco.

Al pastor taco.

You'll never forget your first al pastor taco for that mouthful of flavors that'll leave you smiling. Make sure you find a spot that carves the pork from a vertical spit. The one above is from Tacos El Gordo, one of my favorite spots in Tijuana because their tacos are consistently great.

4. Crispy shredded beef taco.

Crispy shredded beef taco.

When you have that craving for something fried, these shredded beef tacos are sure to hit the spot. I always get them with extra sour cream. Mexican sour cream is more runnier than its American counterpart and adds just the right amount of light creaminess to contrast the crunch of the taco.

5. Baja-style fried fish taco.

Baja-style fried fish taco.

What is a Baja-style fish taco, you may ask? This type of taco is what most people in San Diego consider the traditional beer-battered fish taco. This taco was invented a bit further south in Ensenada. To be authentic Baja-style, it should only come with cabbage, tomatoes, and Mexican cream, basically everything you'd find in a regular fish taco but without the guacamole.

Now that you're primed for tacos, who's ready for some authentic tacos south of the border? If you're not familiar with Tijuana, it'll take a lot of time to find a good version of each of these types of tacos. To make it easier, you can always join me and Wild Foodie Tours on our Tijuana Street Food Tour for Foodies. You'll enjoy at least three of these must-have tacos, in addition to a couple of other foodie stops along the way.

In summary, Tijuana's top 5 best tacos for foodies are the:

  • Grilled marlin taco

  • Carne asada taco with handmade tortilla

  • Al pastor taco

  • Shredded beef taco

  • Baja-style fried fish taco

Have you tried these tacos before? Which one is your favorite? Drop me a comment and let's celebrate the taco!

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