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All-inclusive food tours complete with food, shopping, cultural and historical insight,  and tour guide with no hidden fees!

San Diego International Food Tour: Savor the vibrant and diverse cuisines of the region and discover some of the best Chinese, Mexican, and Filipino food in San Diego!  You'll enjoy 6 food tastings from 5 of our favorite neighborhood eateries in the suburb of National City, just miles from Downtown San Diego, for authentic and tasty ethnic food with dessert included!  This tour is perfect for any occasion and offers the easiest and shortest route of all our food tours.
Included with the cost of the tour, you get:
  • A tour guide who specializes in Asian and Mexican cuisine
  • Tastings at 6 stops with dessert included!
  • Fun facts about the food and neighborhood
  • Personalized service with small group sizes
Trip length of 2½-3 hours with a walking distance of under 1 mile.  Only $69 per person!  Sunday at 1:00 pm and Thursday 5:00 pm.
San Diego Dim Sum Tour: Are you a foodie?  Have you tried traditional Cantonese dim sum--the small plate experience, the chopsticks, the steam-heated carts, the stacked steamer baskets, the lively conversations?  The Tea!  
Perhaps you've never had the opportunity to learn the immense history involved with dim sum from a Cantonese-American guide (dim sum = "to touch the heart!").
This is your chance!  For a limited time, you can join Wild Foodie Tours to enjoy a truly unique dining experience!  We'll brunch on Cantonese-style dim sum, served fresh from traditional push-carts & steamer baskets.  You'll learn about dim sum's Silk Road roots, flavorful teas, and traditional Southern Chinese etiquette.  You'll pick and choose a variety of classic dim sum specialties like barbecue pork buns, rice crepes, siu mai, and egg tarts--and become touched by the heart!  
After the meal, we'll take you on a walking tour (sunscreen recommended) through the heart of Asia-town and end at a popular Asian supermarket for some quick shopping.  Perfect tour for those seeking a truly unique experience. 
**Gluten free and limited vegetarian options are available.
Included with the cost of the tour, you get:
  • A Chinese-American tour guide who specializes in Chinese cuisine
  • Insight into dim sum culture and history
  • A traditional dim sum brunch with tea at the premier dim sum restaurant in San Diego
  • An Asian supermarket and bakery tour
Are you ready for the Wild East of dim sum?
Trip length of 2½ hours with a walking distance of 1½-2 miles.  Only $69 per person!  Sunday at 10:00 am.
San Diego International Food Tour: Filipino Street Food
San Diego International Food Tour Salted Pepper Chicken Wings
Traditional push-cart dim sum restaurant.
Traditional Cantonese dim sum in steamer baskets.
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