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Wild Foodie Tours: Tijuana Street Food Tour for Foodies

Tijuana Street Food Vendor and Al Pastor Tacos

Food and culture have long been passions of mine, and I can't wait to take it to the next level. I’m extremely excited to announce the arrival of Wild Foodie Tours! We provide food tours—or foodie adventures—to food lovers and travelers that engage them in a region's culture. We’ll eat, play, and travel with the locals! I look forward to spending time with everyone as we eat and learn about a new culture.

Among other places, I’ve spent a lot of time in Tijuana exploring the city on foot in search of good food. After years of research, I’ve found the best places to eat in Tijuana off the beaten path. While there are many great sit-down restaurants, my favorite places have usually been roadside food stands and other hole-in-the-wall eateries.

I LOVE street food, so I’m devoting my first foodie adventure food tour to the best street food eateries in Tijuana. Why street food, you may ask? Apart from the fact that it tastes good and is what the locals eat, the heart of a culture is found in street food. Fresh. Fast. Flavorful. Fun. What is there not to like about street food?

Freshly-Grilled Marlin Tacos

Besides, nothing compares to the joy of eating food outdoors with the locals. Whether you're enjoying the sunshine, inhaling the waft of freshly-grilled marlin or carne asada, or watching a taquero carve slices of sizzling al pastor pork off the rotisserie, the street food experience invigorates the senses like no other.

Surf Clams from a Seafood Cart

Tijuana is the only city outside of Asia where I’ve had authentic street food. The street food scene in Tijuana definitely ranks up there with the best I’ve had in China, Thailand, and even Hong Kong—the culinary capital of Asia! Those who live in or near San Diego, especially, need to take advantage of Tijuana’s proximity. I’ve done the hard work of research and venturing the streets on foot for you. Are you ready to taste the best flavors of Tijuana and experience the city’s vibrant culture?

My Tijuana Street Food Tour for Foodies is ideal for:

1. Foodies and people who enjoy sampling food from a variety of eateries.

2. Travelers and visitors looking for an enriching day trip filled with food, culture, and adventure.

3. Anyone who wishes to re-connect and engage his or her senses.

Mercado Hidalgo Fruit Stand

I’ll take you straight to the best street food stalls and stands for the ultimate foodie experience! We'll enjoy tastings at five food stops, one non-alcoholic beverage stop, and one dessert stop. In addition, we’ll visit the Mercado Hidalgo, Tijuana's largest open-air market, and a Mexican bakery. Along the way I’ll even point out a few of the eateries that Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern showcased on their Travel Channel shows. Anthony and Andrew would be so proud!

Ceviche Shrimp Tostada

If you’d like to nourish your mind and body, then join me on this gritty, fun, and insightful foodie adventure.

Do you enjoy eating street food? Where have you had it and what did you eat?

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